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If you are reading this- thank you for being brave.  Reaching out for help can be both incredibly difficult, as well as powerful.  The focus of Align Counseling is to create safety within the self to allow for healing of the brain and body together in unity.

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I specialize in treating complex trauma, eating disorders, substance use, personality disorders, anxiety, and depression.  I am trained in EMDR, Somatic Experiencing, and DBT Skills.  I would like to help you walk through the issues you are facing using a gentle, yet honest approach. 


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Alisha Irby, LPC-MHSP

Email: alisha@aligncounseling.com

Phone: (615) 290-2775

100 Taylor, 100 Taylor St, Nashville, Tennessee 37208, United States

All messages received (webform, email, voicemail) are confidential. Responses are usually sent within the next business day.